It's Full of Sparks

Being a firecracker is not easy.

Right when the spark of life is lighted, the countdown begins.
It's Full of Sparks is a mobile frantic platform game in which each firecracker is unique and if it explodes, it’ll not be back. You have only seconds to react.
Help them finding the Old One, a mythical firecracker that found the way not to explode, to live forever... but, what is a firecracker if it never explodes?

The full game will include:

  • Simple and engaging game mechanics: Use the colored glasses to change the world around you!
  • More than 80 levels that will destroy your nerves.
  • An original soundtrack that will do anything but relax you.
  • Activate colors to jump, fly, climb, dodge, activate mechanisms...
  • Memorize color sequences or act by pure reflex.
  • Reward your skill! Do it with the best time or do it at the first attempt to get stars and gifts!
  • Colorblind-Friendly version

"There have been some truly gorgeous games floating about in mobile-land recently, and It's Full of Sparks is certainly another of them."

Emily Sowden - PocketGamer

"Dabadu Games is working on an interesting little platformer called It's Full of Sparks. The game has you playing as a firework that's trying not to explode. Exploding, not good for anyone trying to stay alive."

Carter Dotson - Toucharcade

"On the surface, It's Full of Sparks is a frantic reactionary game that lights the fuse and dashes to the goal, but underneath it asks a tough existential question"

Joshua Barsody - DroidGamers

"Philosophy about life and death and nonconformism about our destiny are the ideas going through this game. This is a challenging game that hooks you and leads you step by step to a higher difficulty level."

Raquel Casals - PCatalà

"It’s Full of Sparks is a fun looking low poly platforming game for iOS and Android in which you play randomly generated little firecrackers who must race through levels and avoid exploding on impact."

Calum Fraser - Alpha Beta Gamer

"It’s absolutely amazing that using this game concept and a very colorfully environment they have been able to create such an extraordinary allegory about life’s shortness."

Playerest - Nivel Oculto
The Beta invitations are now closed! Thanks a lot for your help! 
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